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Brightening our community with globally inspired meals.

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About SFK

Superfine Kitchen was born from the simple idea that you should know where your food is coming from and how it is being prepared.

For this reason, we never sacrifice quality, have transparency always and believe that focusing more on "community" is the right path to healing our planet.

Never Sacrifice Quality

We aim to offer everyone the ability to eat fresh, quality meals because we all deserve to fuel our bodies with excellent ingredients. Our meals are Ready to Heat or Ready to Eat which means each meal is carefully crafted to ensure that while the dish requires no prep, its ingredients maintain their freshness.

Transparency, always

We believe that you should always know what you're eating, including exactly where your meals are prepared. Each photo shown was taken in our kitchen and represents the team who cooks our food: Wilmer, Ofelia, , Ricardo, Hector, Israel, and Maria.

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Sustainability Over Everything

Superfine Kitchen cares about the planet and aligns our business practices accordingly. We prioritize local purveyors and ensure that they source as local as possible. We select vendors based on their values and practices.

We strive to produce as little waste as possible which is why Superfine has had a reusable container program in place for 2 years which has saved tens of thousands of single use containers already.

We are a certified San Francisco Green Business and pledge to improve the environmental sustainability of our business operations and to better communicate our green-efforts to consumers.